Debt Counselling Process

Restructuring your monthly payments in order to make them more realistic and affordable is simple.

With the help of Debt Relief Today and your very own cooperation, you can be debt free in 7 easy steps.

Step 1 - The Application - Consultation

Fill in the application form and provide details of all your credit providers. Consultations are done by telephone or by email. Private meetings can also be arranged if necessary.

Step 2 - The Assessment - Qualify for Debt Review

Once the application has been processed, our accountants will proceed to accurately determine your unique set of financial circumstances. Should your monthly expenses exceed your monthly income, you are over-indebted. You may qualify for a debt review.

Step 3 - Debt Review - No Legal Action Can Be Taken

Once you qualify for a debt review from Debt Relief Today, all Credit Bureaus will be notified. A Certificate of Balance (COB) in respect of all your accounts will be requested from all your credit providers. Remember, individuals under credit review cannot have any legal action taken against them in respect of any debts for the first 60 days.

Step 4 - Affordable Repayment Structure

Once all the COBs have been received, we will restructure your monthly payments and negotiate with all your credit providers where necessary. Your restructured payment plan will reduce your monthly payments to a realistic amount while leaving you with sufficient funds to live off.

Step 5 - Court Order - No Court Appearance Required

Should your credit providers not accept the new repayment structure put forth by Debt Relief Today, our specialist attorneys will apply for a court order on your behalf, and you will not be required to appear in court for the actual application. In unusual circumstances, the magistrate may require the applicant's presence to establish some facts, but this is highly unlikely. Your appointed debt counsellor will be the applicant in the matter and you the respondent, and once the document has been obtained, the process is complete. Your affordable repayment plan will now be an official court order which all your credit providers must accept.

Please Note: Credit providers will have a right to take legal action against any debtor who does not honour the terms of their court order.

Step 6 - Monthly PDA Payments

Once your affordable repayment plan has been granted, you will immediately begin making payments to a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA). A PDA is an accredited institution recognized by the National Credit Regulator (NCR). They will ensure that all your payments are distributed evenly in terms of your new monthly payment structure.

Step 7 - Certificate of Clearance

Debt relief Today will continue to monitor all your payments to the PDA, and we will also provide you with monthly after care to ensure you stay on track. Once all your payments have been finalized, you will be issued with a Clearance Certificate. The NCR and all credit bureaus will be notified, and your debt review status will be lifted.

With a bit of help from Debt Relief Today, you can once again enjoy financial freedom.